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OUR Coaching Academy

Seminars & Workshops

Our Sales Training Seminars and Workshops are tailored to the unique needs of your company and market niche, covering all revenue-generating strategies in detail.

These programs allow for a great learning experience and are delivered in various sessions over time, ensuring knowledge retention and implementation through behavioral change.

For best results, we can complement the in-house Sales Training experience with our Web-based e-Learning Modules. The ideal solution for busy individuals.

Personalized Coaching

We provide personalized coaching sessions for you and your teams as a way to complement our Sales Training and Workshops.

The advantage of our Coaching program is that it allows for real-time interaction with our experts, solving both fictional and real-life business development situations.


Coaching sessions can take place in-house or over the Web during virtual meetings, allowing us to reach out to your remote team members, regardless of their or our location.

e-Learning Modules

The e-Learning experience is the most effective way to drill down to the next level of competence, as the audio-visual modules cover specific knowledge areas in detail, complementing what is learned during the Workshops and Coaching sessions.

The video material is professionally produced to maintain the student engaged and interested. Our software platform tracks progress, sends reminders, performs evaluations, and issues reports and certificates of completion, if required.

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